Writing Contest Honorable Mentions

November 25, 2023

"Run, Tom, Run!" Honorable Mentions 

Many thanks to all of you parents who encouraged your children to explore their creativity by writing for my Thanksgiving kids writing contest. It was so much fun reading about Tom's adventures! That feisty little turkey hitched rides on four-wheelers, dashed through farmland, jumped out of ovens, and side-stepped traps to save his life. Although the contest was limited to one winner, there were a handful of kids who really shined and deserve an honorable mention.  Mom and Dad, keep encouraging these kids to read and write for fun. 

Lily Crowe

Dani Englert

Marley Englert

Olivia Gipson

Isabelle Hancock

Scarlett Linn

Way to go!! 

Renee Lichtenhan