Turkey on the Run

November 24, 2023

By Marc Maaz

“Run, Tom, Run!”

And Tom thought he was done

But when the man who chased him slowed down, he knew it had just begun

The hunter spun on his heels

He did not look so fun

A gun strapped at his belt, and weighing a ton

The man took a deep breath, and prepared to one-on-one

Tom a second too late, the man a second too quick 

Tom was put in a bag

And carried to the hunter’s kitchen

Tom found himself smelling cinnamon,

Luscious gravy and strawberry sauce,

Pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top,

And fragrant smells he couldn’t put his claw on

But sitting in the oven 

With the door wide open

Tom realized he was the main dish of this hunter’s Thanksgivin’

And at that all Tom could do was run, Tom run

Tom bolted through the door into the thick trees

Feathers comforted by the breeze

Still, mind in fear for death was near,

A drop of red had stained the floor

Thankfully, it was one to ignore

Just a bit of cranberry sauce Tom must have rubbed on by the door

Yet Tom stopped quite suddenly,

Right before a pit so deep

Approximately 90 feet

One might’ve said a large ravine

But the hunter chased breathlessly

Allas, the man, he did not see,

And he instead fell with a shriek 

And while Tom was rather relieved

He couldn’t help but feel guilty

For in the process of Tom’s escape

The steadfast hunter had been deceased

Run, Tom, run was what Tom did

Across the fields 

Across the pit

Marc Maaz is 11 years old and attends Sacred Heart Catholic School in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. His favorite school subject is reading because it helps expand his vocabulary and he finds it entertaining. He also enjoys reading at home during free time. His favorite book is Mistborn: The Final empire.  Other hobbies include playing violin, basketball, and visual arts.