The Day I Switched Bodies With My Teacher

May 28, 2024


    I  wake  up  feeling  a  little  light  headed  and  numb. I grab the sheets off the bed.  

    I am  shocked.  “Why  are  my  arms and legs so long?”  

    I  look  up,  noticing  my  room  isn’t  the  light  purple. The room  was all gray and basic.  

    I see a man walk through the door and scream. “AH!!”  

    I scramble  up  to  the  wall  with  my  legs curled  up  together  like  a  ball. “Get  away!  now!”  I  scream again. 

    “Someone  woke  up  in  a  bad  mood,” the  man says. And he walks  out  of  the  room.  

    I  don’t  know  what’s happening  at all. Was I  kidnapped? I  see  a  bathroom  and  run  straight  to  it.  I look  in  the  mirror  and  screech  looking  at  myself  as  my… Teacher?  

    Why do  I look  like  this?  I wonder.  

    I look  at my phone  and  see it’s 6am on Friday. A school day. I  run  to  the  closet  and  look  for  clothes.  Hm, what should I wear? A blouse?  Tank?  T-shirt?  I grab  a  blue  blouse. 

“I'll  just  wear  some  skinny  jeans  I  guess,”  I  whisper to  myself  and  put  on  the  outfit. 

       I check  the  time. I'm going to late. Even worse, I realize I can't  drive. I  open  my  phone quickly  and  say,  “Hey  Siri, call  an  uber.”  

    “Calling  an uber  right  now.”  

    I  have  a  chat  with  the  uber  and tell  him  to  come  to  my  house.  

    Soon  I  see  a  person  with  a  black  car  outside  my  house,  I  start  running  to  him  and  tell  him  to  drive  to  Sacred  Heart  Catholic  School.  

    “Here  ya  go” He  says  in  a  southern  accent. “That  will  be  6  bucks,  I  take  cash  only.” 

    Confused, I look around and  notice  a  wallet  on  the  car  floor.  I  grab the  wallet, open  it, and  see a  10  dollar  bill.  I  throw  it  to  him  and  yell,  “Keep  the  change!”  

    I  run  fast  like I've  never  ran  before.  I’m  so  sorry  I'm late  for class! I  pause  for  a  moment  and  notice  I teach  the  class,  “Wait  never mind  I’m  not  sorry!”  I  say.  I  don't  know  what  to  teach  in  this  class.  “Free day!  Play  on  your  computers  all  you  want.”  

    The  whole  class  screams  out  of  joy.  

    Then  I  hear  from  a  distance  “SHHH”  

    Oh I  do  not  like  those people.  “Who  just  said  shhh?” I  demand. 

      A  little  girl  raises  her  hand.  

    What  should  I  do?  I  think  to  myself.  “There  is  no  shushing  in  my  class  unless  it's  me,  so  uh...shh!” 

    The class looks at me weird and I look at them the same way back. That's how you get the kids to respect you.

    Later, I notice it's lunch time. “Woo hoo!” I screech. 

    I decide to eat lunch in my classroom then I press the red button to talk to Mrs. Shannon.

    “Hey what's up, Noelle?” Mrs. Shannon says. 

    That's my teacher's name so I ask, “Is today early release?” 

    “Sure is!” Then Mrs. Shannon laughs and ends the call. 

    “Praise the Lord,” I say in excitement.

    Later the kids come back from lunch and since its early release we have no recess. 

     I say, “Welcome back! I just checked my phone and we have 30 minutes left of class so why don't I actually teach you?” I say with confidence.  

    All the kids groan and stretch. 

    “Be excited! Okay, so give me a three number with a decimal.” 

    I choose a kid sitting in the back that's not paying attention. 

    “Uh 4.56” He whispers, then the whole class yells it out. 

    “Very appreciative…” I whisper. 

    I write down some other numbers and tell people to work it out themselves. “When you're finished you can...” I stall, not sure what to say. Finally, I decide on, “Work on any work from other teachers, or read.” 

I go on my phone and text the other teachers to hang out after school. They all said no they were too tired. I guess teachers don't hang out very often. 

    The bell rings and I tell the kids to leave my class.

    “‘Bye, Mrs. Bounds!” A ton of kids say.

    And that was the story of the day I switched bodies with my teacher. 

    I wonder what she did as me?